Welcome to information page about new Jabb.im XMPP server.
After a couple of days we will migrate old Jabbim to this new inftrastructure. Please, help with testing of our new XMPP server. Note: Jabbim web is still at domain www.jabbim.com

News about migration here!

Why new Jabb.im?

Jabb.im is here since 2001. Big amount of old software, we was locked. It was not possible to bring something new. New Jabb.im is too about security and stability:

  • Brand new server, 2x Xeon, 12 cores, 128GB RAM, SSD disks, 1Gbit connection to Internet
  • New XMPP server with support for new technologies (MAM, Carboncopy, Websockets)
  • Passwords in database is now (from October 2 2016) in bcrypt (cost=10, random salt), no unsecure plaintext, MD5 or SHA1
  • Anti brute-force solution, loadbalanced cluster
  • Let's Encrypt certificates, grade A security badge: xmpp.net score
  • We don't mix webservers with SQL servers on one machine, SQL and XMPP servers are in demilitarized zones (schematics)

How you can help us with testing?

  • Register new account on jabb.im domain here or in your XMPP client.
  • Accounts on jabb.im domain will not be removed after beta test, you will get exlusive Jabber ID :-)
  • Update your client software to latest version.
  • Set in your client StartTLS connection on port 5222.
  • Allow send password in plaintext (it's secure, server accepting only TLS connection).
  • If you have troubles with server, please, contact us here (MUC:jabber@chat.jabb.im)