Jabber.cz moving to new inftracture

November 08 6:00 CEST - bug fix

  • ejabberd upgrade
  • erlang R17 to R19 upgrade
  • Fail2ban anti brute-force filter

October 06 14:30 CEST - bug fix

  • bugfix - Telepathy/Gabble clients (X-OAUTH2 error) works now.

October 05 12:00 CEST - bug fixes, features

  • bugfix - jabb.im XMPP not work correctly
  • IRC transport - JID irc.jabb.im
  • XEP-0153 support added
  • XEP-0279 support added

October 05 6:00 CEST - bug fixes

  • MUC server moved from conf.netlab.cz to chat.jabb.im

October 04 8:00 CEST - bug fixes

  • bugfix: transports now working on all jabbim vhosts
  • anonymous host anon.jabb.im added

October 03 18:00 CEST - bug fixes, https

  • jabbim.* websites moved from http to https
  • bugfix: Jabbim website up/down status

October 03 05:30 CEST - jabbim.com was moved

  • jabbim.com was moved
  • all Jabbim domains are on new server

October 03 01:30 CEST - jabbim.cz was moved

  • jabbim.cz was moved
  • fixed bug - not all transports worked from new infrastructure

October 02 17:30 CEST - njs.netlab.cz, jabster.pl, jabbim.pl, jabbim.sk and jabber.root.cz was moved

  • njs.netlab.cz, jabster.pl, jabbim.pl, jabbim.sk and jabber.root.cz was moved
  • for server 2 server connection we have TLS only optional now, gtalk and other unsecured servers working now

September 30 18:30 CEST - We are starting!

Jabber.cz was as first Jabbim domain moved to new infrastructure. It's looking ok, but... Not all users are connected. If you can not connect, set in the client settings:

  • StartTLS, not TLS, SSL. If option isn't in your client, you will must update your software
  • Send password in plain-text (if connection is encrypted). Don't be afraid, TLS is secure.
  • Port 5222. Don't use 5223, it will not work.
  • Connection to Google Talk servers don't work. Google don't support secure connection within servers, we have TLS for server2server now like required
  • Certificates was changed. Now we have Let's encrypt certificates. Warning, every 3 months we will have new fingerprint for certificates!
  • If you used Conversations and Jabber.cz before, remove Jabber.cz account and try add this account one more time. After this change, it starts working.

Recomended software for new Jabbim

Windows Linux

Mac OS X